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Methods to get rid of lines when printing

14.8.2023, 12:02 Odpowiedzi: 2
If you are facing the issue of lines on printed paper on your documents, then you can try these solutions to fix your problem:-
1. You can run the print head for the cleaning process from the control panel of your printer.
2. You can also clean the cartridge of the printer by taking a wet paper towel and wipe out the dry ink from the cartridge.
3. Try to clean the ink of the cartridge carriage.

How to troubleshoot HP printer cartridge error?

1.6.2023, 12:52 Odpowiedzi: 0
Here are some of the steps to troubleshoot the HP printer cartridge error:-
1. Switch the HP printer into single cartridge mode to fix this error.
2. Ignore the low ink notifications on the computer.
3. Refill the empty ink cartridges.
4. Replace the defective HP ink cartridges.
5. Always buy original ink cartridges from HP website.
If you don’t know how to override HP printer empty cartridge, then you must visit our blog.