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Wedding Event Parking Service

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Buy US, UK, Canada, Australia and more university diplomas or transcripts online.

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Window Pile Weather Strip price

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<p>[quote="ovakiayp" pid='4' dateline='1615960943']


<!--StartFragment--></p><table><tbody><tr><td>Our History<br>HEBEI HAOKAI BUILDING MATERIALS CO., LTD located in RENQIU HEBEI is 158kms far from Beijing ,and 200kms far from Tianjin Xingang .it's conveniently crossed by G45 high way and 106 country road from north to south.<br>HEBEIHAOKAI specialized in developing and producing weather strip (wool pile),it is established in 1998,and originally named as RENQIU HongYuan Chemical Fibre Factory.<br>In 2004 it was renamed HEBEI HAOKAI BUILDING MATERIALS &nbsp;CO.,LTD.<br>In 2005 HEBEI HAOKAI brought in one set of &nbsp;FDY spinning machine from Beijing Textile Science Academy and started to engage in manufacture of raw material .<br>In 2006 HEBEI HAOKAI got the right of &nbsp;import and export,30% of product started to be exported by itself.<br>In 2008,the workshop was expanded and brought 20 units new spinning machines .The product ability increased one more .the output per day achieve more than 1 million.<br>In 2009 company successfully brought in two production lines of BCF spinning from korea.it can product 5t BCF yarn per day!It indicated HEBEI HAOKAI became the first one who built integrated production structure from material to finished production in this field of china.that made good effect on stability and control ability of products quality .<br>In 2010 HEBEI HAOKAI passed the ISO 9001 international quality management system certification.<br>Our Factory<br>Our factory have 60sets weaving machine , and all of there machines are newly introduced .The weaving machine have &nbsp;good performance ,then can certify the good quality and sooner finish ,That one weaving machine can product half Weather strip,WOOL PILE 25000m per day.<br>Our factory have 4lines cut machine, one line cut machine can product 300,000meters per day. so 4lines cut machine can product 12,000,000meters per day.<br>Our Product<br>Our main product is weather strip wool pile and PU FOAM. Sealant,rubber seal and so on<br>Product Application<br>All product used for all kinds of window and door<br>Our Certificate<br>Production Equipment<br>Production Market<br>All of the word,just as Europe锛宻outh America锛孉sia锛孧iddle east and so on<br>Our Service<br>Our company HEBEI HAOKAI BUILDING MATERIALS CO.,LTD have very serious quality control system锛宎nd we have professional inspection worker锛宔very inspector must through strict learn then go to work.this team have more than 10years experience,three of them are working in this industry for 20year,and some of from SGS quality control company and ISO9001 quality control company.<br>Our company have good after sale service system<br>1.After sale service follow<br>1.1.Cargo Tracking<br>After ship goods,we will send goods details,shipping details and the date of arrive customer鈥檚 port,then let customer have time to ready to release goods.<br>1.2.Check the progress of sale<br>Confirm customer release goods锛寃e will check the sale progress锛宧ave any problem or not锛宎nd we can give our some suggest about goods銆?/p&gt;<br>1.3.Customer complaints<br>If Customers have any complaints锛學e will patiently listen to the problems that the customers respond to, and actively check with the production process, give quick response, and actively put forward solutions. At the same time, our company will also make a document, aiming at such problems, the travel improvement plan and implementation plan.<br> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Window Pile Weather Strip price<br>website:http://www.hkweatherstrip.com/</td></tr></tbody></table><p>

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What are the Blackhawks starting to be inside of No.

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accounting essay examples

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