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Do these tools offer additional features besides displaying Google reviews?

12.2.2024, 13:21 Odpowiedzi: 0
Yes, many of these tools come with additional features. For instance, Idukki allows you to collect reviews from customers and offers advanced analytics to measure review generation efforts, and also offers a Visual UGC solution that curates content from Google and other social media platforms. To learn more about it, visit our blog and get the complete information.
 Blog: https://www.idukki.io/blog/add-google-reviews-on-squarespace-website

Is there an alternative method to embed specific LinkedIn posts on my website?

12.2.2024, 12:58 Odpowiedzi: 0
Yes, LinkedIn offers a direct post embedding option. To embed LinkedIn feed , select the post you want to embed, click on the three dots (More options) on the top right corner of the post, choose 'Embed this post' from the drop-down list, and copy the generated embed code . Then, paste the code into your website's HTML where you want the post to appear.