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Are cryptocurrencies really decentralized?

23.3.2022, 11:37 Odpowiedzi: 23
<p>My colleague's sister recently returned from Venice, where she was vacationing with her fiance. So that you understand, she works as a secretary and it is simply unrealistic to buy such vacation tickets for that ridiculous salary, it is expensive. And then they gathered, unscheduled on vacation at their own expense for two months. And she earns with the help of a crypto trading bot, which she acquired about a year ago. Over the past year, her income has grown tenfold and all thanks to cryptocurrency.<br></p>

Goldman Sachs has warned about Bitcoin's dependence on Fed policy.

19.2.2022, 9:51 Odpowiedzi: 14
<p>Digital assets are not protected from the impact of macroeconomic factors such as monetary tightening. CoinDesk writes about this, citing a Goldman Sachs report.<br><br>The current pullback in the cryptocurrency market says that mainstream adoption could be a “double-edged sword.” The decline in quotes was mainly due to reasons not related to digital assets, analysts noted.<br><br>Experts explained it by "the fall in the shares of low-margin technology firms and companies that have recently gone public with IPOs." This segment of the stock market turned out to be the most sensitive to the signals of the upcoming increase in the Fed's key rate.<br><br>The massive adoption of cryptocurrencies could boost valuations and likely correlations with other financial market variables. This reduces their diversification advantage.<br><br>The specialists drew attention to the positive correlation of bitcoin with inflation risk indicators and the innovative technology sector. At the same time, they found a negative price relationship with real interest rates and the value of the US dollar.<br><br>Further development of blockchain technology, in particular in the form of metaverses, may eventually provide a “tailwind” for certain digital assets. At the same time, they will not be "immune to macroeconomic forces," experts warned.<br></p>

The Best Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies

31.1.2022, 10:24 Odpowiedzi: 78
I was monitoring the cost of tokens here the other day, deciding which one to buy, and noticed jumps in the bch price, from what does this happen? Will this token really blow up the public the same way bitcoin did at the time? I want to buy a coin that will have maximum chances to become promising and rise to the top of the crypto market. Now I choose among three: litecoin, Ethereum and bch.