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Are cryptocurrencies really decentralized?

23.3.2022, 6:04 Odpowiedzi: 25
<p>Contrary to popular belief, cryptocurrencies are not decentralized: they depend on central structures run by big business tycoons who exploit the labor of low-paid workers, writes Business Insider.<br><br>“The market has a colonialist mindset” focused on making money, and despite the fact that cryptocurrencies tend to be decentralized, the market is already becoming “recentralized”. This is not an equal investment opportunity,” says researcher Katherine Flick.<br><br>The vast crypto world, which includes blockchain-backed technologies such as digital currencies, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Internet organizations, video games, the metaverse, and the Web3 next-generation Internet, has such a feature as “colonialist thinking”, which relies on central structures and work of low-paid workers.<br><br>As Flick, a research fellow at De Montfort University's School of Computer Science and Informatics, puts it, "It's like these people are sailing ships across the sea to get there first, plant their flags, and make money." But this is done at the expense of people who do the main work and are less likely to make the same profit, but more likely to be exploited. However, they do not understand what they are getting into.<br><br>Workers, like some of the artists behind NFT collections, are being paid less than their fair share of the profits, she said.<br><br>Flick, who owns research on ethics in video games and technological innovation, is among the outspoken critics of crypto assets who warn investors against the hype. Another cryptocurrency critic who posted on YouTube with a 6 million-view NFT video, Dan Olson, called cryptocurrency “the biggest scam for fools” whose ideals are “deeply destructive to the fabric of our society.”<br><br>Another crypto skeptic, Molly White, who maintains a satirical Twitter account (NYSE:TWTR) titled “Web3 works just fine,” observed: “Nothing says ‘decentralization’ like one company controls the most expensive and most popular collections. NFT.<br><br>Flick cited the example of NFT exchanges, where buyers and sellers can trade digital tokens - collectibles: if this market were truly decentralized, it would be easy for people to sell NFTs on their own.<br><br>“We see centralization because people need it to be easy to use and they need to be able to see what's for sale, they want a nice user interface because they don't understand it. They probably don't care for the most part,” she said. "You don't need to know how your car works to drive it."<br><br>As you know, one of the key tenets of cryptocurrencies is that they are “decentralized” as no single person, company or government controls them. But this may just be a gimmick, as we are seeing the centralization of so many theoretically decentralized things.<br></p>

Goldman Sachs has warned about Bitcoin's dependence on Fed policy.

19.2.2022, 15:50 Odpowiedzi: 20
<p>The most interesting thing is that you can view bitcoin trading volume directly on the exchange, analyzing the result of the trades. You know that you don't have to start trading there right away, right? It is enough to be an observer and look at the deals. There on the main page there is the volume of sales for all tokens.<br></p>

The Best Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies

31.1.2022, 7:55 Odpowiedzi: 94
<p>Users use different systems for analyzing and opening deals. Some crypto traders rely on indicators, support levels and graphical figures. Others analyze the prospects of projects and invest in the most interesting startups. There are also clients on crypto exchanges who earn on the difference in quotes of several platforms. This type of activity is called arbitration.<br><br>Each client tries to trade on the stock exchange according to their own methodology. But in general, such common systems can be distinguished.<br><br>Margin trading<br>On many crypto platforms, it is possible to open transactions with leverage. These are borrowed funds that the exchange provides to the client for making transactions. The strategy of earning on cryptocurrency using leverage allows you to get more income, since the capital increases in proportion to the borrowed assets. But in the case of a failed transaction, losses also grow.<br><br>Margin trading requires accurate market analysis and the use of stop-loss orders. This type of transactions allows you to limit the maximum loss: if quotes move in the opposite direction to what is expected, the exchange will stop the operation, preventing the loss of the deposit.<br>Scalping<br>The second way to quickly increase capital, popular among beginners. Scalpers open a lot of trades and take profits immediately after the chart moves in the right direction. Usually, the profitability of a single transaction does not exceed several percent. But due to a large number of operations, a trader can make a profit every day.<br><br>Scalping is usually combined with margin trading. In this case, the client has enough capital to open several orders in parallel.<br>Long-term trading<br>A crypto trading strategy based on the expected increase in the price of an asset in a few months or years. Usually the analysis is carried out in this sequence:<br><br>The trader studies the most promising cryptocurrency projects. At the same time, the professionalism of the development team, technical documentation (white paper), and the practical benefits of the blockchain network are evaluated.<br>Based on fundamental techniques, the level that the asset price can reach in the future is calculated. In long-term trading, a margin of error of several percent is allowed.<br>The user buys a cryptocurrency and stores it on an exchange or personal wallet. In some cases, tokens and coins are transferred to investment projects to increase profits. These can be landing, stacking or farming programs.<br>As soon as the price has reached the desired level or the prospect of a further uptrend has worsened, the transaction is closed. Crypto assets are exchanged for fiat or other digital currencies.<br></p>