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Things To Think About Before Deciding On Router Bits Tip#362
What router parts do you need to buy first in order to make use of your router? The router is one of the most useful and versatile tools used in any workshop. It's ineffective without the router bits. It can be overwhelming to sort through the various possibilities available for routing. How do I choose the best router bits? Here are some tips to help you select the most suitable router bits for woodworking projects. To complete many projects, you don't need to have a lot of different router bit profiles. Instead, purchase different router bit profiles only in the amount you need. The most used router bit profiles by woodworkers are roundover straight bits, spiral bits, roundover and cove bits, 45deg Chamfer bits, rabbeting and flush-trim bits, as well as rabbeting bits that come in different dimensions of bearings. Good quality bits last for a long time and picking the right ones will allow you to explore the full potential of your router, while saving money. Check out this great router bit product for more.

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Top 5 Profiles For Router-Bit
1. Straight Router Bits
Straight Router Bits are an essential tool for the workshop. They can cut straight through a material to form Dados (a groove along a wood grain) or hollow out an area to make inlays or mortise. They are available in various lengths and sizes.

2. Flush-Trim and Pattern Router Bits
These bits, called flush-trim router bits, could be used for trimming edges of various materials flush with each other. They are helpful in trimming the edges of veneered areas to be flush with a substrate. Also, they can be used to create identical pieces using a pattern. They can also be employed to make pattern templates. The cutter's diameter is typically the diameter of the pilot bearing. The bearing can be located at the top or bottom of the bit.

3. Edge Forming Router Bits
The most common use of Edge Forming bits is cutting decorative edges. They comprise both the popular Roundover and Cove Router Bits. Chamfer Router Bits are employed to create bevels cut at a certain angle to smooth or embellish edges. There are also edge-beading devices which can cut a half-circle or quarter-circle profile, also known as a bead. Many edge-forming pieces have bearings. These are usually used to decorate the edges of a piece that has been formed. They may also be used as guides.

4. Joinery Router Bits
Joinery Router Bits can be used to design the mating profile that makes the woodworking join. These bits, which are guided by a rotating blade bearing near their tips, are specially designed to cut a rabbet in the edge of the piece commonly employed to join them. The set may include different bearings to make rabbets of different sizes by using a single bit. Rail-and-Stile Router Buts are included and can be used to create corner joints on panel frames and doors.

5. Specialty Bits
Specially designed router bits are made to perform specific tasks. For instance, sign making router bits are made to be used with signmaker's template kits, for instance the Rockler Interlock Signmaker's Template Kits. Other examples include; raised panel bits, which create the edges of a door panel to fit into the slot in the frame's rails and stiles and dish carving bits that make hollow the inside of the bowl. A few of these bits are tiny and intended to be used in the handheld router, however many of these bits are quite large and should be used in a router table. See this best router bit make for more.

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Router Bit Cutting Edges
High-speed steel (HSS) or carbide tips are utilized to make router tips. The majority of profile bits have carbide cutters. These cutters, which can be harder than steel but will also hold an edge for longer periods of time (10-25 times longer), but they are also more brittle. Although carbide-tipped bits have more preference but they should be handled with care in order to avoid chipping.

Signs of Quality
Although you aren't able to judge certain things by sight, such as the hardness and quality of the carbide or the overall balance of the bit there are things to look out for. The best router bits are made of carbide cutters which have been polished to a precise edge and are strong enough to allow for several grindings. The brazing that connects the carbide tip to the piece will be to be even. Quality bits will be made to minimize the chance of the workpieces kicking back. These anti-kickback bit have larger bodies. The larger bodies keep the bits from being caught by the surface and causing it to sink too deeply. They will last longer because of their higher body mass. Quality is also measured by the price. The old saying is real that you get what you pay for. Rockler offers its own range of router tools designed for the professional woodworker. The Rockler bits are constructed with premium ISO K10 and K20 carbide and sharpened using 600-800 diamond Abrasives. They are perfectly balanced and are designed to provide excellent chip release.

Important Questions To Ask Yourself
Are you searching for something to do? Do you plan to build an initial kit?
How much money are you willing to spend?

If you have a specific project in mind, make sure you select the piece which is best suited to the job. A starter set should include a couple of straight bits (maybe 1/4", 1/2", 3/4" and 3/4"), a few round-over bits (1/8", 1/4" and 1/4") and the rabbeting device that has interchangeable bearings, a 45o chamfer and an ogee. The set includes five pieces of carbide-tipped starter bits. This is an affordable and practical option. It comes with a cutting rabbeting bit that can cut 1/2", 7/16", 3/8", 5/16" and 5/16" 5/16" and 7/16" rabbets. The set includes a 3/4" x 1-inch straight bit; 3/8" radius and 5/8" high round over bit; 45o radius and a 1/2" chamfer bit; 5/32" radius and 15/32" Roman Ogee bits. All of them have 1/2" shanks, which minimize chatter and ensure maximum performance. Check out this useful router bit product for info.

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Are You Going To Be Mounting Your Router?
Some bits can only be used safely on a table mounted router that has a variable speed. This means, for instance when you plan to build a cabinet using frame-and-panel construction, it's necessary to get or build the table for your router before you are able to utilize the stile-and-rail bits as well as panel-raising pieces required for a project.

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