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What You Can Expect When You Access The Dark Web
Dark web is an obscure part of the internet which can only be accessed with the Tor browser. They don't show up in search engines, therefore you must find the exact address. The dark web is also known as "dangerous" because it's the home of all sorts of illegal activities, like hiring hitmen or selling drugs. There are many dangers lurking on the dark web. But there's more to it than illegal marketplaces. Journalists, whistleblowers and others can use the dark web to talk safely. Countries with strict internet regulations can also utilize the dark web to communicate freely. Follow this updated hidden wiki url for more information.

What Is The Dark Web?
We need to be able to comprehend the terminology that is used to comprehend the dark web. The internet is often described as having three distinct parts of the web: the surface as well as the deep web and the dark web. It's easy to get confused by the terms "deep web" and "dark web" that are used so frequently. In discussing the dark web there are some things to remember:
The internet is an international network.
The internet is a communication tool that makes use of the internet network.
The web comprises the surface web, deep web, as well as the dark web.
Below is an infographic that will help you understand the meanings of.

[Obrázek: web_0.png.jpeg]

The Surface Web
The surface web is the one we utilize every day, and it also includes the deep web. It is accessible through regular browsers, like Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox. The article you're reading is a part of that web. It can be accessed by any computer with an internet connection. Other websites, such as those of online businesses or stores, are also part of the "regular internet." However, if you go to a website as an anonymous user, you won't be able to look at the entire web. It's only what is visible. You'll only see the surface of Amazon even if you're not logged in. But, you're able to browse the site using your browser as a customer. To see "behind scenes" you'll require a username, password, and an email address. Once you have those access, you'll move past the surface and onto the deep web.

The Deep Web
The "deep internet" refers to the portion of the internet that lies behind closed doors. The majority of the "deep web" is composed of websites or databases that are intended to be used by a small number of individuals within an organization. Your work database might be located on this portion of the web. To gain access to it, you'll have to know the exact address (otherwise called a URL). In certain cases, a password may be required. Many of us won't have access to this URL or the login credentials needed- and this information can't be found by searching engines, as well. This means that a Google search will not show you deep web pages or other content. The deep web is by far the largest part of the internet, and is estimated to make up between 90 to 95 percent of the internet. Pages that contain private information like those of universities, corporations, libraries hospitals, and government agencies are some examples of pages that are on the deep web.

[Obrázek: dark-web-vs-deep-web-differences-1024x614.png]

The Dark Web
The dark web is a part of the web deep that is accessible only through a specific browser called the Tor browser. This section that is not regulated on the internet is commonly referred to as the "darknet". The dark web is not managed and managed by no company, government, or organization. This is exactly the reason that the dark web is often associated with criminal activities. The dark web is often referred to as"the "deep web" however it's not the correct term. The dark web is a part of the web's deep. But it's not the same thing. The dark web is accessible via regular browsers, as long you've got the correct URL. The dark web is not accessible via normal browsers. It's impossible to access the dark web with a standard browser like Google Chrome or Edge. The dark internet functions differently from the normal web. Even when you use Tor websites, the dark web's URLs do not end with .com or .org. Instead, they often have the random mixture of letters, numbers and even numbers. They are usually terminated in.onion.

What You Can Find on the Dark Web
The dark web is constantly in changing and it remains undiscovered. Below is a listing of some of the potential dangers and useful items you could come across on the dark internet. The risks of even the simple tools can make them dangerous when they are misused by unintentional. Any dark web content software, service or product you discover on the internet should be scrutinized.
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