Retreats in Lhasa

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Lhasa, the holy land of Tibetan Buddhism, also called Sunlight City, is located in the middle of<span>&nbsp;</span>the Tibetan Plateau. It is the capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region and the political, economic, cultural, and religious center, at an altitude of 3658 meters above sea level.This is a gathering place for devout believers. All the time, countless believers prostrate thousands of times, along their pilgrimage roads to Lhasa.What you should experience most in Lhasa is a slow lifestyle. Here, you will unconsciously slow down your pace and rhythm, follow the local Tibetans on the kora road of Barkhor Street at will and make some good wishes and blessings.
Lhasa is Tibet meditation center,There are some great places for meditation in and around Lhasa.

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