Episodes 5 and 6 of “” will be bittersweet for much of the basketball world

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Episodes 5 and 6 of will be bittersweet for much of the basketball world when they premiere on ESPN on Sunday.It will be the first time in the documentary that we see the late Kobe Bryant talk about Michael Jordan, the player Bobby Layne Jersey after whom he modeled his game and who served as the archetype for his own Hall of Fame career. Bryant succeeded in emulating Jordan, becoming the player who most closely matched his pa sion, preparation, talent, drive and will to win.Early clips from one of the two episodes reveal just how impactful Jordan was to a young Bryant, and how that helped the latter become an all-time NBA great.MORE:Hes like my big brother, Bryant says of Jordan in the documentary. I truly hate having discu sions about who would win one-on-one, your fans saying, Hey Kobe, you beat Michael one-on-one. Im like, Yo. What you get from me is from him.(Thats a sentiment Jordan shared as well; during , he said he felt like he had lost a little brother).In the context of the documentary, however, an in-his-prime Jordan merely calls Bryant that little Lakers boy an upstart who refused to back down from matching up against the all-time great. Even then, Jordans burgeoning respect was apparent for the sports next superstar, as evidenced when he told Bryant Ill see you down the road following Detroit Lions Men Jersey the 1998 All-Star Game.The two would meet 11 times from 1996 to 2003 eight times in the regular season, three times in All-Star games, but never in the playoffs (a shame). With that, Sporting News wanted to run down the timeline of their meetings, highlighting some of the best games and moments, and how they shaped their respective careers:Michael Jordan vs. Kobe Bryant timelineDec. 17, 1996: Bulls 129, Lakers 123Jordan: 10 of 32 shooting (30 points), 10 of 14 free throw shooting, nine rebounds, three a sistsBryant (reserve): 2 of 5 shooting (five points), 0 of 2 free throw shootingThe first four meetings between Jordan and Bryant were not, shall we say, clashes between titans (Bryant wouldnt face Jordan as a starter for the first time until the 1998 All-Star game). That said, itd be impo sible to overlook the first meeting between these two, even if Bryant came off the bench. Jordan proved he was still the best player on the planet by putting up 30 points and nine rebounds. Bryant, then 18, put up a modest five points on 2-of-5 shooting.Feb. 5, 1997: Lakers 106, Bulls 90Jordan: 10 of 24 shooting (27 points), 5 of 6 free throw shooting, four rebounds, four a sistsBryant (reserve): 2 of 7 shooting ( AJ Parker Jersey five points), three reboundsDec. 17, 1997: Bulls 104, Lakers 83Jordan: 12 of 22 shooting (36 points), 11 of 12 free throw shooting, five rebounds, four a sistsBryant (reserve): 12 of 20 shooting (33 points), 3 of 5 3-point shooting, 6 of 9 free throw shooting, three rebounds, two a sistsThis was the first true duel between Jordan and Bryant, one in which they both scored more than 30 points (Jordan had 36 to Bryant's 33). Bryant, then 19, showed no fear, going blow for blow against the best basketball player on the planet even . Speaking of that move: It was in this game that Bryant asked Jordan how he performed a particular post move. Jordan told him to feel the defender with his legs so he'd know which way to spin. Even then, Jordan showed respect to the up-and-coming Bryant, telling reporters after the game, "I think its just a matter of time for him. You realize how good he is." Perhaps Jordan was generous with his praise because of his own succe s in the game and his team's 21-point victory.Feb. 1, 1998: Lakers 112, Bulls 87Jordan: 11 of 26 shooting (31 points), 9 of 11 free throw shooting, five rebounds, two a sistsBryant Corey Ballentine Jersey (reserve): 7 of 16 shooting (20 points), 4 of 7 free throw shooting, four rebounds, one a sistMORE: Feb. 8, 1998: East 134, West 114Jordan: 10 of 18 shooting (23 points), 1 of 1 3-point shooting, six rebounds, eight a sists, three stealsBryant: 7 of 16 shooting (18 points), 2 of 3 3-point shooting, six rebounds, one a sist, two stealsA , for multiple reasons. Bryant playing in his first All-Star game refused to back down from Jordan, scoring a team-high 18 points and often defending the Bulls great in isolation. Jordan, in what would be his final All-Star game pre-retirement, proved he was still the best in the game with 23 points, eight a sists and six rebounds while leading the East to a 134-114 win. Detroit Lions Jersey It was a defining game for both players particularly Bryant, as noted by .Feb. 10, 2002: West 135, East 120Jordan: 4 of 13 shooting (eight points), four rebounds, three a sists, two stealsBryant: 12 of 25 shooting (31 points), 7 of 7 free throw shooting, five rebounds, five a sists, one stealFeb. 12, 2002: Lakers 103, Wizards 94Jordan: 8 of 20 shooting (22 points), 6 of 8 free throw shooting, five rebounds, five a sists, two stealsBryant: 9 of 20 shooting (23 points), 5 of 9 free throw shooting, 11 rebounds, 15 a sists, one steal, one blockApril 2, 2002: Lakers 113, Wizards 93Jordan (reserve): 1 of 5 shooting (two points), three rebounds, three a sistsBryant: 6 of 13 shooting (14 points), two rebounds, six a sists'THE LAST DANCE' REACTIONS: | Nov. 8, 2002: Wizards 100, Lakers 99Jordan (reserve): 9 of 14 shooting (25 points), three rebounds, three a sists, two stealsBryant: 8 of 21 shooting (27 points), 11 of 11 free throw shooting, six rebounds, four a sistsFeb. 9, 2003: West 155, East 145Jordan: 9 of 27 shooting (20 points), 2 of 2 free throw shooting, five rebounds, two a sists, two stealsBryant: 8 of 17 shooting (22 points), 3 of 5 3-point shooting, 3 of 6 free throw shooting, seven rebounds, six a sists, three steals, two blocksFor a time, it looked as if Jordan's final All-Star Game would be his worst; he mi sed his first seven shots. But, in typical Jordan fashion, he rebounded to keep the game competitive and naturally had the ball in his hands with the game on the line. With 5 seconds remaining in overtime and the game tied at 136, Jordan shouldered Shawn Marion away and hit his trademark fadeaway jumper to give the East the 138-136 lead with three seconds remaining. But Bryant rocking a pair of Jordans was fouled in the attempt of a buzzer-beating 3-pointer. He proceeded to hit 2 of 3 free throw attempts to tie the game with Jermar Jefferson Jersey a second remaining, eventually leading the West to a 155-145 win. The game regardle s showcased and .MORE: March 28, 2003: Lakers 108, Wizards 94Jordan: 10 of 20 shooting (23 points), 3 of 4 free throw shooting, four a si

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