The Reds thought they could pull a fast one on the Diamondbacks Sunday.After Chr

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The Reds thought they could pull a fast one on the Diamondbacks Sunday.After Chris Owings' drive to deep center fieldsent Arizona'sPaul Goldschmidt home from third as the winning run Dakota Dozier Jersey in the bottom of the ninth, Cincinnati retrieved the ball in hopes of Alec Ogletree Jersey getting a late forceout. Except, that's not how baseball works.MORE: | | Here's what happened:After Goldschmidt touched home and Owings cro sed first,the Diamondbacks celebrated. The bases were loaded and the runners on first and second had not reached second and third, respectively. When the Reds realized this, outfielderBilly Hamilton retrieved the ball and threw it to second base to try and get the Chicago Bears Jersey force."We felt that the runner going to second base never made it to second base and the runner going to third base never made it to third," Reds manager Bryan Price said, . "We retrieved the ball Eddy Pineiro Jersey and went out there to get the force Jason Peters Jersey at second base and tried to get the last out at third base on an appeal."Your browser does not support iframes.It's a good idea, but unfortunately for Cincinnati, that's not allowed.The rulebook states all that has to happen for a game to be over with the bases loadedis for the runner on third to David Montgomery Jersey score and the batter to reach first. That's what happened, and that's why Arizona won, 4-3.

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