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HENDERSON, Nev.-The Las Vegas Raiders improved to 2-0 yesterday after taking down the Minnesota Vikings at Allegiant Stadium.McDaniels is detail-oriented, and the game of football is not a perfect game, so while pleased with his team, the coach certainly found ample opportunity for instruction, correction, and perfection.You can watch the entire pre s conference below, and read the transcript:Head Coach Josh McDaniels Q: Can you give us your evaluation of the performance of Thayer Munford in the game last night? Coach McDaniels: For the most part we were headed in the right direction. In pa s protection there was a couple of things that we saw that we can do better as a group. Generally speaking, he acquitted well for himself and did some things that he's been doing on the practice field. It was good to see some of that stuff carry over to the game. We obviously had a lot of rookies on the field yesterday. A lot of them with things that they're going to learn from today when we watch the film, but generally speaking I think there was some progre s.Q: How do you feel like Offensive Line Coach Carmen Bricillo has handled all of the turnover thats happened in a short amount of time? Coach McDaniels: I think he's done a good job of managing that group. I don't really think this is unique at all, this is really normal. His time in the National Football League has been Curtis Granderson Jersey solely with me. We've played multiple groups all the time, every year. There's just too much to be gained in training camp for you to forego the opportunity to work with different groupings. If you put five guys together, and that's the only five guys they practice besides, you're doing them a di service because its not realistic Mark Lowe Jersey . It's not going to happen during the regular season very much. So, he's used to this. He's used to coaching the entire group as one unit. That's really what we're trying to harp on offensively is, whether it's the five offensive lineman or it's the 11 guys on the field together, we have to be able to work with one another, regardle s of who they are. They're never going to be the same guys for the entire year or even for an entire game. He's done a good job, him and Cam Cameron Clemmons both working and continuing to teach, which is what our jobs are. I thought there were some guys that played well yesterday.Q: After two preseason games, how deep and how versatile is your running back room that you see right here, right now? Coach McDaniels: It's pretty interesting. There are some young guys that are learning but play really hard and give great effort. We have some guys that are kind of multifaceted in terms of what they do and bring. We've tried to give them all different opportunities here in the first few games to try to do some of those things. I really like the group, I really like the room. I think KP Kennedy Polamalu does a great job of coaching that group. I've always been a big believer in having as many good backs as you can have on your team because like Ive said before, they get the ball Fernando Valenzuela Jersey more than anybody else. They have it more than any other player, other than the quarterback, and usually they're taking hits and getting contact when they have it. So, there's a chance for nicks and bumps and bruises and injuries. You just don't ever want to get caught short in that area. I like what they're doing. They push one another, they help one another, they work really hard together. Weve got a lot of maturity in that room that continues to try to pull guys along, especially the young guys. I thought they competed hard yesterday.Q: Where is Zamir White in terms of his development in terms of blitz pickup, pa s protection and everything you need to do as a running back?Scroll to Continue Coach McDaniels: (Hes) working on it every day. Works on it at practice every day when we have opportunities. That's always an area that is new for younger players. Honestly, regardle s of the position quite honestly, because of the volume of different things you see. Whether it's an offensive lineman or a running back, handling protections and being able to do your job well versus all the different looks that we see in our league now, is not easy. Zamir White is continuing to work very hard at it, so is Brittain Brown , so are all of our backs quite honestly. We're asking them all to learn basically the same thing. Like I said, they're continuing to grow each week at practice, and there's nothing like the game repetitions that helps that. We didn't get blitzed a whole lot yesterday, so it really wasn't a big factor in the game, but I think all those guys are making progre s. Q: Jackson Barton has been in the building kind of on a development track for a little while. How did you feel he acquitted himself and then also Alex Leatherwood over on the right side?Coach McDaniels: "Like I said after the game, I think for the most part I thought the tackles did a decent job. We gave up a couple edges here or there and then they ran a couple of things up front that created some pre sure in the middle. But I do think our depth at tackle is solid. I thought that Alex Leatherwood went in there and did what Alex has been doing. He made some movement in the running Rich Hill Jersey game, generally was in the right position in pa s protection - and again, there's going to going to be a few things that we're going to be able to correct and coach off of today. Jackson started over there on the left and flipped over to the right later in the game. The more they can do Sandy Koufax Jersey , the more value they bring, and I thought he did some good things as well."Q: Did anybody jump out defensively in the game yesterday? Also are you confident that Jonathan Hankins and Bilal Nichols are back next week?Coach McDaniels: "I'll start with the last question. We'll kind of gauge that as we go here in the next so many days. I don't want to put a timeframe on that because as soon as they're ready, we will be ready to go. Again, those things are - sometimes you feel good one day and not as good the next and all the rest of it. So, once we feel confident that we're headed in the right direction and we're not going to take a mi step, then we'll make the right decision at that time. Yesterday, it would probably be quick with a with an answer if I said someone specifically stood out. I mean there's a lot, they only played 52 plays or whatever it was so they played a little le s football. There's plenty to learn from, I really believe that. There's so many things, and there's a few guys that didn't play a lot of plays, and there's other guys that played a few more. Just some things that we as a group defensively we're going to learn from and hopefully make progre s this week."Q: You were pretty open abou

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