“The Role of Police Certificates in International Travel”

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British citizens or foreigners who have studied or worked in the UK will be required by the government department to provide a British criminal certificate when applying for overseas visas or immigration. The British police certificate itself has no time limit, but when used domestically, the local government department will require the applicant to provide a police certificate issued within 6 months. Before applying for a British police certificate, the applicant needs to first understand the requirements of the using department on the expiration date of the police certificate, and then plan the time to start the application.

How long to get a realistic police clearance certificate UK
In the UK, there are two departments that can issue British police certificates, one is the British Police Association Criminal Records Office, Order a UK Police Certificate online. and the other is the British Government Criminal Records Office.

When applying for overseas permanent residence, immigration or applying for a green card, it is most secure to submit a criminal record certificate issued by the Criminal Records Office of the British Police Association. Applicants can confirm with the using department in advance as to which department to apply for a criminal certificate issued by.
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