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<!--StartFragment--><table><tbody><tr><td><br>Low temperature thermoplastic board<br>Specification: 900*600mm.<br>The thickness: 1.6mm, 2.0mm 2.4mm, 3.2mm 4.0mm.<br>Mesh: No mesh, 1%, 5%, 19%, 22%, 36%, 42%.<br>Color: white, blue, apricot, black.<br>Product Features<br>(1) Strong plasticity: Put it in hot water at 60-70鈩?and it can be completely transparent and softened. It can be stretched and shaped at will, and the operation is simple and fast.<br>(2) With memory function: when the shaping is not satisfactory, it can be put into 60-70鈩?hot water to soften again, the material can be restored to the previous size and shape, and can be shaped again and used repeatedly.<br>(3) Good air permeability and no fear of water: There are many meshes on the low-temperature thermoplastic board to increase skin ventilation, heat dissipation, and perspiration function, which can prevent skin redness and itching.<br>(4) Light weight, thin thickness and high strength: The thickness of low-temperature thermoplastic board is 1.6-4.0mm, which is only 1/4-1/3 of the weight of gypsum, and it has high toughness and is not easy to break or break.<br>(5) It has the function of bonding: In the thermoplastic molding operation, the surface or the section of the low-temperature thermoplastic board can be bonded at will. The operation is simple, convenient and fast.<br>(6) X-ray permeability is good: during re-examination, fluoroscopy and filming can be carried out without affecting or weakening the effect of X-ray fluoroscopy and filming.<br>(7) Easy to dismantle: When the low temperature thermoplastic board needs to be dismantled after use, it can be cut with ordinary scissors, and the operation is very simple.Discount Low Temperature Thermoplastic<br>website:</td></tr></tbody></table>


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