on Wednesday night, convinced he'd been dealt from the organization that had si

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on Wednesday night, convinced he'd been dealt from the organization that had signed him out of Venezuela on his 16th birthday. A cruel reminder of how news can break and break a man down in the Twitter age. A visual reminder that human beings inhabit those uniforms.Jos Cardenal understood the 23-year-old's tears.MORE: | "When I saw that kid Juwan Howard Jersey crying last night," Cardenal told Sporting News on Thursday, "a lot of things came to my mind from when I was his age."Cardenal is the answer to many a trivia question, including: "Name the player that once mi sed a game ." But he Joe Donovan Jersey also endured one of the most heartle s transactions in baseball history. On August 2, 1979 36 years ago this Sunday Cardenal suited up for the Phillies in the first game of a double-header against the Mets at Shea Stadium. Between games, he ventured into the clubhouse looking for a sandwich.Instead, he got news from Phillies manager Danny Ozark. He got a new uniform. A Mets uniform."It was very spooky that day," Cardenal said. "I was confused. I didn't believe it."Cardenal remembers how strange it felt to look out on the field from both dugouts that day. When then-Mets manager Joe Torre asked if he could suit up for the second game, Cardenal recalls telling him, "I don't feel good, man. I feel funny. So I will play tomorrow."Cardenal wore the winning uniform for both games of a double-header the Phillies and Mets split, but the Cuban outfielder didn't feel like Chris Wormley Jersey a good luck charm. Like Flores on Wednesday, he felt the jarring sensation of being asked to play through a torrent of life questions all at once thrust upon a player."It's tough," Cardenal said. "It was near the end of my career, but still, you feel it."But it's Cardenal's perspective as a Cuban immigrant that makes him most empathetic toward Flores's open display of emotion. Cardenal signed his first MLB contract at 17,came to Major League Baseball as a 20-year-old, joining a contingent of Latinos on the San Francisco Giants that included Juan Marichal and the Alou family (Felipe, Matty and Jesus). In a strange land, Cardenal explained, your first team is all you have."You feel like when you leave your country, you left all John O'Korn Jersey of your family behind," he said. "Then finally you come in to the big leagues. You think, at least I have a home here, I have a family here. So when they get rid of you, it's hard."Cardenal repeated multiple times that "the first time is the hardest." He still remembers the trade that sent him to the Angels in 1965; the look on Flores's face from Wednesday acts as a mirror that reflects 50 years into the past."I was very emotional, too," Cardenal said. "Because it was my first organization. Tears came to my Austin Davis Jersey eyes."Cardenal puts himself in Flores's cleats a young man, uprooted from home, stripped of the only American home and family he has known."He loves New York and he loves his teammates and he loves his ballclub," Cardenal posited. "We are human. What do you expect? For that kid to say he doesn't care? No. The kid has feelings, too."Cardenal played only 37 games in a Mets uniform before joining the Royals and retiring in 1980. Fortunately for Flores, many Mets days seemingly remain. And the standing ovation, though premature, perhaps symbolizes a source of peace for the young Venezuelan Glen Rice Jersey infielder:His home away from home loves him back.

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