Kris Bryant was the unanimous choice for the National League Rookie of the Year

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Kris Bryant was the unanimous choice for the National Reggie White Jersey League Rookie of the Year last season. Carlos Correa edged out Francisco Lindor in a tight race for the same award in the AmericanLeague. All three players were highly touted prospects and didnt disappoint in their debut campaign.Yet they were just the cream of a strong crop of first-year major league players in 2015. Bryant was one of three rookies along with Addison Ru sell and Jorge Soler who helped propel the Chicago Cubs to the postseason for the first time since 2008. Correa and fellow rookie Preston Tucker did the same for the Houston, whod waited three more years than the Cubs to get back to the postseason.MORE: | Matt Duffy opened a lot of eyes with his strong play at third base for San Francisco, and his steady bat made Giants fans quickly forget Pablo Kung Fu Panda Sandoval. Joc Pederson powered the Dodgers in the first half with 20 home runs and 15 doubles, before tailing off significantly after the All-Star break. And Pittsburgh's Jung-ho Kang posted the fourth highest WAR among major league shortstops according to Fangraphs, despite mi sing the last three weeks of the season. Kang suffered a fractured tibia and an MCL tear when a runner barreled into him while he was trying to turn a double play.Whats next for the players? Will they repeat their succe sful debut seasons? Will they take their game to the next level? Will they slide into a sophomore slump? The short answer: We dont know. Nobody knows. But we can make educated gue ses basedon what these rookies did last season at the plate andhow they did it.Lets start with walks and strikeouts. How well a player judges the strike zone is hugely important to his offensive succe s. K% measures the rate at which a Ryan Kerrigan Jersey batter strikes out as a percentage of his plate appearances. BB% does the same for walks. Sabermetric studies show that K% and BB% stabilize in le s than 150 plate appearances. So a full season is a good sample size when looking at strikeouts and walks.Strikeouts are way up overall. In the 2010 season, the K% for all players other than pitchers was 18 percent. In 2012, that number jumped to 19.2 percent. Last season, it was 19.9 percent. Not surprisingly, the walk rate has declined over the same Philadelphia Eagles Jersey period, down to 7.8 percent last season from 8.7 percentin 2010.We also want to look at BABIP (batting average on balls in play) and line drive rate (LD%). BABIP tells us the story of what happens when the batter doesnt walk or strike out. When he makes contact, is he getting hits, and at what rate? Last season, the league-wide BABIP for all non-pitcher players was .301, a fairly typical hit rate on ball in play. For years, sabermetric analysis attributed a higher BABIP largely to luck. That is, if a player finished the season with a .350 BABIP, it was chalked up to hitting it where the defenders werent; it wasnt nece sarily seen as a repeatable skill.But the view on that has changed a bit. Now we understand better that when a batter has a high line drive rate he is seen as making his own luck. Ground balls and fly balls are just much more likely to turn into outs. Line drives are more likely to find holes. A better than average line drive NFL Philadelphia Eagles Jersey rate coupled with a higher than average BABIP suggests the batter makes good, solid contact with the ball. And that is a repeatable skill.Bryant posted a cla sic three-true-outcomes season in 2015. He hit 26 home runs, walked at an 11.8 percent clip, and struck out in 30.6 percent of his plate appearances. Bryant showed prodigious power, but his strikeout rate was the third highest in the majors among qualified batters, after Chris Davis and fellow rookie Michael Taylor. While Bryant had a strong .378 BABIP, his LD% was a slightly-below-average 20.5 percent. Look for Bryant to regre s if he doesnt lower his strikeout rate or improve his line drive rate.MORE: MiguelSano is another three true outcomes hitter. But unlike Bryant, Sanos very high BABIP (.396) was accompanied by a 24.7 percent line drive rate. But Sano only played half a season, and his 335 plate appearances may be too few to draw any conclusions about whether he can sustain that kind of succe s when he does put the ball in play. Sano has to cut down on strikeouts. His 33.5 percent K rate was one of the K'Von Wallace Jersey highest among batters with more 300 plate appearances.Duffy and Lindor are low-power, high-contact guys. They strike out and walk at half of the rate of Bryant, and combined to hit 24 home runs, two fewer than Bryant hit himself. They also posted higher-than-average BABIPs with slightly below average line drive rates. Thats a cause for concern for contact guys because ground balls and fly balls are more likely to find gloves. And as more teams refine their defensive positioning and shifts, groundball guys get hurt.Correa looks primed to take his game to the next level. He walked in nearly 10 percent of plate appearances, and his 18.1 percent strikeout rate was below league average. He showed power to all fields with his 22 home runs. His line drive rate was a better-than-average 22.4 percent, and he still only posted a.296 BABIP. That combination suggests Correa suffered some bad luck when he put the ball in play. When you consider his .279/.345/.512 Shaun Bradley Jersey season slash, you have to wonder what good luck looks like. We may just see it in 2016.

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