NEW YORK — Gary Sheffield has spent time working with Tim Tebow on the 2007 He

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NEW YORK Gary Sheffield has spent time working with Tim Tebow on the 2007 Heisman Trophy winners attempt to make a go of baseball, so he might be a little biased. Still, the former Mets outfielder is raving about the current Mets farmhands ability.To be honest with you, watching Tim Tebow hit, people find it hard to believe when I say he has Malik Jefferson Jersey the bat speed, Sheffield said Tuesday at a media luncheon to promote TBSs postseason coverage. They find it hard to believe that he has that sound, that so few baseball players have when the ball comes off the bat. He has that sound, and you cant make it up. Im a former baseball player, and if I heard that sound before, I know when I hear it again. I heard that with him. So, the question is, can he do this at 29? Thats going to be the biggest i sue with him. Its not a matter of if he can play baseball. Its, can he do it at this age?MORE: The special sound that Sheffield speaks of is a real thing, and you dont have to be a Andre Smith Jersey former baseball player to recognize that unique combination of the ball meeting the right part of the bat with the bat going at a high enough speed to really make it reverberate.You can even be a sportswriter and recognize the aural similarity shared by Sheffield himself, Vladimir Guerrero and promising hitters of today.Ooh, Nomar Mazara has THE SOUND whhen he hits the ball. (((Je se Spector C.J. Uzomah Jersey ))) (@je sespector) In his rookie year with the Rangers, at the age of 21, Nomar Mazara has hit .270/.324/.426 with 19 home runs. The difference between him and Tebow isnt just eight years of age, but all the time Tebow has spent away from the game since his junior year of high school.He has to be patient, Sheffield said. Youve got to see it over and over. Weve been seeing this since we were 8 years old. So, when somebodys throwing 100 miles per hour to you, it may look fast to you, but it aint fast to me. So, its something Alex Redmond Jersey that you have to see. He has to go through the failure, he has to get jammed on the ball inside, he has to see that changeup away that he swings and mi ses. He has to understand all that, and when you go through it, and then you go and work on it, then you get back in the game and once you see it again, you know what to do.MORE: Once Tebow gets his reps, Sheffield believes that the ex-quarterback has a comparable swing to a former MVP, which would help him defy the odds and get to the majors.When you watch his swing, its basically like Jason Giambis swing, Sheffield said. Its the same setup. Hes a little spread out, and what Darqueze Dennard Jersey I was telling Tim is that Id bring him a little more upright. Now, when youre spread out, once you go, you have nothing left. Id make him more upright, because Giambi, when he got older, he started being more upright because he had the bad knee and stuff like that. You get more upright, you can move back in the batters box, and you can get more extended and use your height. Hes a guy thats about 6-1, 6-2, and he can use that as leverage. He has to lose a little bit in (the chest). Playing football, you need that, but youve got to lose it in Cedric Ogbuehi Jersey baseball, because that changeup is going to give him problems.Sheffield believes that simply by playing baseball on a daily basis, Tebow will slim down automatically as his musculature adapts to the needs of a different sport.

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