The NBA schedule would be in the midst of the final week of the regular season i

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The NBA schedule would be in the midst of the final week of the regular season if not for the coronavirus pandemic bringing the season to a halt. Though teams aren't currently gearing up for a playoff run, some players are still playing games on national TV. It's not quite the same as live NBA action, but the quarterfinalround of the "NBA 2K" Players Tournament will provide some live competition on Thursday night.Suns guard Devin Booker handled Michael Porter Jr. in the first round and is set to take on Wizard's rookie Rui Hachimura in the first game of round two. Hachimura's first-round victory over Donovan Mitchell came down to the final shot inthe most exciting game of the tournament so far.The second game of the night is Clippers forward Logan Wilson Jersey Montrezl Harrell against Heat guard Derrick Jones Jr. Jones Jr. took down top-seeded Kevin Durant, while Harrell beat Damontis Sabonis so badly that Trae Young dominated Harrison Barnes in the first round, tying for the league-high with 101 points scored. Young's' opponent in the second round, DeAndre Ayton, allowed the fewest points (41) in round one. Which side of the ball will be more dominant in their quarterfinal matchup?The final game of the night features Andre Drummond of the Cavs against Patrick Beverly of the Clippers, who bothdominated their first-round opponents.Drummond beat DeMarcus Cousins by 52 in the first round, while Beverly beat Ha san Whiteside by 30.MORE: Sporting News is tracking live updates and results from the "NBA 2K" Players Tournament quarterfinals. Follow along below for updates.'NBA 2K' tournament live updates, scores from quarterfinalsDevin Booker vs. Rui Hachimura7:05 p.m. Hachimura is playing as the Clippers. After deciding between the Lakers and Mavericks, Booker chose the Mavs.Rui had Pooka Williams Jr. Jersey a waterboy the first round now he got a coach too? He ain't playin around NBA 2K20 (@NBA2K) 7:12p.m. It's been a tightly contested game so far. A Kawhi Leonard three gives Hachimura a 13-10 lead with 1:41 left in the first.7:15p.m. Luka Doncic step through layup to end the first quarter. Hachimura and the Clippers lead 17-15 over Booker and the Mavericks after one.7:21p.m. Interesting nugget: Booker says he was working out at the beginning of the NBA stoppage but has just been chilling because they shut the gyms down.7:22p.m. Booker seems to think the All-Star skill level is too easy.Book's Jamarr Chase T Shirts mad they're playin on All-Star after Rui knocks down a 3 What difficulty do you usually play on? NBA 2K20 (@NBA2K) 7:23p.m. Booker went on a bit of a run, opening up a five-point lead with a minute left in the first half.7:26p.m. Half time: Booker leads Hachimura 32-28 at half time. Seth Curry has 10 a sists for Booker, a pretty incredible number for only having 32 points as a team.7:40p.m. Wet like I'm BookCoach Book goin off with NBA 2K20 (@NBA2K) 7:48p.m.Booker takes a commanding lead into the fourth. Players Tournament triple and slam with ... and follows it up with the block!: on ESPN2 NBA (@NBA) 7:55p.m. Booker runs away with it at the end. It was close for most of the first three quarters but Hachimura couldn't contain Doncic and Curry.The road ends here for No. 13 seed Rui, | Washington Wizards (@WashWizards) Montrezl Harrell vs. Derrick Jones Jr.8:03p.m. Harrell uses the Trail Blazers and Jonesis the Mavericks.8:10p.m. The two seem to have different communication styles. Harrell is talking throughout and Jones is a man of few words so far.8:11p.m. Harrell and the Blazers is up 16-10 over Jonesand the Mavs with 1:08 left in the first quarter Khalid Kareem Jersey .8:13p.m. Clutch buzzer-beating threeby DJJ to end the first quarter. Harrell up 20-16 after one.8:18p.m. Harrell pulling away in the second quarter, up 28-16 midway through.8:25 p.m.DJJ climbing back into it, but Melo hits a fadeaway to cool of the run. Players Tournament goes to the turnaround fall-away jumper with !: on ESPN2 NBA (@NBA) 8:30 p.m. Halftime: Harrell up 34-28.8:36p.m.Dame Lillard over the top! Players Tournament "OH CHILL OUT... I see the cameras start flashing early!" attacks the rim with . : on ESPN2 NBA (@NBA) 8:40 p.m. Harrell pushing the lead in the third quarter. The Clippers forward is up 53-42 with the Blazers.8:58p.m. Jones made it interesting in the end. He cut it to fourwith around 30 seconds to go, but Lillard knocked down some clutch free throws to clinch the game.Trae Young vs. Deandre Ayton9p.m. Trae Young picks the Lakers. Deandre Ayton picks the Clippers. It's an LA matchup between the 2018 draft picks.9:15p.m. Ayton takes a 13-4 lead early in Noah Spence Jersey the first.9:24p.m. Ayton and the Clippers are up seven at half time over Young and the Lakers.9:30p.m. When Trae Young picked his team he said he was picking "Bron" (not the Lakers). Ayton said he was going with "Kawhi" (not the Clippers). Players Tournament & trade big dunks with & ! : on ESPN2 NBA (@NBA) 9:58p.m. Ayton committed a backcourt violation that nearly blew his three-point lead in the last minute, but Young turned it over on the next po se sion and couldn't get any closer.9:59p.m. The nail in the coffin.Ayton advances to the semifinals with a 73-66 win over Young and the Lakers. Players Tournament locks up on defense and puts the on his QF victory!: on ESPN2 NBA (@NBA) Andre Drummond vs. Patrick Beverley10 p.m. Andre Drummond chose theBucks and Patrick Beverly took the 76ers to start the final game of the night.10:24p.m. Mitchell Wilcox Jersey Beverly is a pesky (annoying) defender in video games too!"What is he doing with the ball" Pat Bev out here straight clampin NBA 2K20 (@NBA2K) 10:35p.m. This one continues to go back and forth. Pat Bev up by four with under a minute in the third. Players Tournament "It's a game of runs." "I've seen this movie before." & are loving the back and forth action! : on ESPN2 NBA (@NBA) 10:40 p.m. Buzzer.Beater! Wow. Beverly gets a shot clock violation with one second left. Drummond heaves a pa s up the court and Eric Bledsoe hits the 3 to take a 48-46 lead into the fourth quarter.Pat Bev had to make sure his controller wasn't broken after D

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